We create one-off, individually-tailored experiences to reward, motivate or train business executives, and ultimately rejuvenate and empower them as individuals.

We help discover and then to unlock their potential, aided by the inspiration of the world's most extraordinary and powerful locations, creating events that are designed to challenge and stimulate the mind, and strengthen both individual and group performance.


Our service is made possible by the partnership between two like-minded companies, BOATS and aks business consulting.

Combining a thorough understanding of business needs, market structures, organisational development and drivers to peak performance with a pedigree of worldly experience creating the absolute pinnacle in luxurious travel, we offer creativity, exceptional perfectionism and a vibrant network of leading players in the industry to ensure measurable value-adding incentives for corporate clients in virtually any industry sector.


The range of services we provide can be simplified into three distinct strands:

Incentives: Outstanding experiences as pure rewards

Training: Leadership coaching and insights

Summits: Organisation of exclusive global conferences and strategy meetings

Whichever service (or mix of services) is required we guarantee a unique, compelling and intoxicating blend of experiences that places you in the heart of a distenctly personal VIP adventure. Individually developed concepts based on your company's requirements and expectations ensure a maximum return on investment.